If the legs are intact, then this task is easy. Lay the original Frigidaire glass stovetop face down on a stable work surface or on the floor. Disconnect the Power. This ensures you can complete the entire repair from start to finish. This is why you brought the channel lock pliers. Now you can remove the blocks and set your stove down on the new foot for the first time. Transfer the metal bracket from the front bottom of the original stovetop to the front bottom of the new stovetop. Last but most important, you need the right size of replacement leveling legs. Most stoves and ovens have two stationary back feet and two adjustable front feet that can raise or lower the front two corners of the stove. Remove the screws from each end of the bracket, using a 1/4-inch nut driver. Consult your user manual if you have difficulty removing your stove's burners. Press down to confirm that the spring clips have reattached and the lift top is securely locked into place. ON the front corners, you can push in a clip by using a butter knife or some such thing, one at a time, and lift the top a little. That will give you the space to wiggle the ignitor connection wires, which may be all it takes. The feet of your stove and oven are designed to help you keep the top of the stove level. The first step to any repair is to gather your supplies. Remove Leveling Leg. Close the oven door. Fortunately, this is a very easy repair. The new closed burners spill proof models, spiffy designed "sealed burners" cannot be lifted to clean as you will ruin the aluminum gas lines on these cheap *** designed wonders. To begin, slide the top back on the stove or remove your support and gently bring it down. Use the screws you removed from the original stovetop to secure the bracket to the new stovetop. Grab your bubble level and lay it on the top-left edge of the stove. First, you’ll need wood blocks to prop the stove upon while you’re working on the feet. most newer units are electric ignition. She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications. ... That is why you can't lift the top panel until you remove all the screws through the burners first. Once the front of the range top disengages from both mounting clips, lift the front of the range top and engage the support rod to hold it in the service position. Many 1992 and later electric ranges have a lift-up upswept porcelain cooktop. That should free up the top. The stove top on these open burner type stoves can easily be lifted up to clean the spillage. While you're at it you may want to scrub the igniters and clean up the gas pilot holes in the actual burner heads. If the stove is not high enough for you to work with after placing the first prop, you can prop it a second time. Then slowly lower the stove until you feel the feet settle on the ground. The bubble level will help you adjust the new leveling feet so that your stove is flat. Grab your blocks of wood or phonebooks and have them at the ready. This corkscrew is what allows you to set the level and height of the oven feet. Congratulate yourself as you push the appliance back toward the wall as the final and only step of your repair cleanup. Feel for a retaining clip and slide the putty knife blade over the clip. An impact might break the footpad off of the post so that the stove is no longer properly supported. The cooktop locks into place. Then, if applicable, screw them firmly into place. Alternatively, ask and assistant to hold the top in the raised position. Transfer the two metal brackets from the top back of the original stovetop to the top back of the new stovetop. Then, you will need to move the Hotpoint gas stove grates or electric grates. Once the socket is clear of the jamming pieces, the rest should fall out more easily. Now you’ll need to release and lift the stovetop. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. You should be able to lift up the front with about 10lbs of force and the top will pop up. Unplug the cord from the wall outlet. I need to know how to lift the glass top to check the element. Lifting this stovetop should be fairly simple. Near the right and left corners of the seam are two clips thta hold the stovetop in place. Find out if it wobbles. She attended Tarrant County College and studied English composition. Again, lift the front edge of the stove until there’s room for another prop. There should be 2 screws in the front right and left corners going up into the bottom front lip of the cooktop. This will loosen it in the socket and unwind the screw so that the leg extends until it falls out. Just pull the stove forward enough that you could tilt it back a few inches. Open oven door and remove screws securing maintop to oven chassis, located on the out side edges of the maintop. Now is the crucial moment when you make the repair count. Use the original Phillips screws you removed from the underside of the original glass stovetop to secure the new glass stovetop. The first step is to pull the stove slightly forward. I'm trying to replace the spark module for my Frigidaire FGGF3054MF gas range. She has several years of experience in the home-improvement industry, focusing on gardening, and a background in group exercise instruction. Congratulations, you have just successfully replaced and adjusted a new leveling leg for your oven-stove. Most of the time, leveling legs factor into the first approachable layer of appliance repairs. Many stoves and ranges have a model number and serial number… Small sections of 2×4 are more than sufficient, or even a few phonebooks if you have them laying around.The Channellock pliers are mostly necessary if your leveling leg is broken or shattered inside the socket. If the stove wobbles, adjust the front feet until it no longer wobbles. Grasp the top firmly with both hands, one on each side. If the cooktop is stubborn, look along the perimeter of the stove. This can help you account for an uneven floor, kitchen rugs, tile, and a few minor manufacturing flaws as well. Your list of supplies is short for this quick replacement. I have a maytag mer6765 double oven stove. Before you start, you should have a replacement cooktop. Lift the cooktop up from the stove base. Look for the 1/4-inch hex-head screws holding the burner support brackets to the underside of the original glass stovetop. Insert the two brackets attached to the new glass stovetop into the slots beneath the Frigidaire stove’s control panel. To raise or remove the maintop assembly: Disconnect or remove power to the range. Why would you want to lift the top of the stove if the broiler is out? Cecilia Harsch has been writing professionally since 2009. Use the pliers to pry out each piece or twist them away from each other to free the broken leg. The parts are called leveling legs and can be bought universally by screw size from most replacement part outlets. Remove the screws holding the two metal brackets to the top back of the stovetop. How to Fix a Weak Clutch on a Washer That Is Not Turning, How to Install the Infinite Switch on a Kenmore Cooktop, You Tube: RepairClinic: Cooktop Replacement - Frigidaire Electric Range Repair, How to Keep a Dishwasher From Tilting Forward When the Door Is Opened, How to Replace a Cracked Ceramic GE Cooktop, How to Replace the Counter in a Danby Portable Dishwasher. We often forget that this type of appliance actually uses electricity, but it is … Lift up on the top panel while sliding the putty knife over the clip. Privacy Policy - Conditions of Use - Infringement Policy, 8 Signs that Your Electric Stove Needs Immediate Repair. Match the right foot to the left foot. Be sure no pots and pans, utensils or food are sitting on top. looks like there are catches that need - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician. Most coil burners can be removed by tugging the burner in the opposite direction of its connection to the stove and lifting. If the stove is not high enough for you to work with after placing the first prop, you can prop it a second time. Remove these screws and the top panel will hinge up and backwards. How do I lift up the stove to work on one of the burners? Close the Frigidaire‘s oven door and reconnect the electricity to the Frigidaire stove model PLEF398ACA. Use a flathead and push each clip towards the rear of the stove, and lift the top free.
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